Picking a honeymoon spot is usually one of the first decisions a newly wed couple has to arrive at.

Do you settle for a city centre or a place by the water? Do you go for a honeymoon right after the wedding or later on, Africa or outside the continent? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The key to picking a great spot however lies in finding the right balance between your budget and personal preferences.

Ultimately however, regardless of where you decide to go, you should remember that the most important thing is you're getting time off to spend with the love of your life.

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That said, Africa has gained international attention in the recent past as a tourist hot spot, and here are just a few locations that would make a great honeymoon spot, at reasonable costs too.

1. Gambia: One of the advantages of Gambia is the fact that it's in West Africa which means you needn't stress about getting a visa. With its many beach resorts, fun water-based activities and relative affordability, Gambia has become a hot favourite for hooney-mooning couples.

2. Seychelles: The island nation of Seychelles is a honeymoon hot favourite for more than a few reasons. In addition to its great white beaches perfect for evening and early morning strolls, there are also several beach front resorts with killer views of the water so you don't even have to leave your room. There are also several fun water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving you can engage in when you get bored with staying indoors. There's no better place to spend time bonding with your partner.

3. Zanzibar: Another island nation, Zanzibar offers a double treat - you can enjoy the Safari in Tanzania before hopping over to Zanzibar either by air or ferry. Once in Zanzibar, you can explore the ancient Stone Town, enjoy great sea food and island-style cocktails or simply just lounge in one of the gorgeous beach front resorts. On the whole, it's the right environment to spend your early days as a married couple.

4. Rwanda: No longer is Rwanda the country that was ravaged by civil war in the 1990s. Rwanda has emerged as a tourism hot spot with interesting wildlife, hospitable people and breath-taking views. The best part about Rwanda is its great affordability to visit.

5. Morocco: Exotic and cosmopolitan are just some of the words that come to mind in describing Morocco. Enjoy a stroll through the souks with bae, savour the Mediterranean influenced cuisine or simply just sit back with your partner and observe the melting pot of cultures that is Morrocco.