Remember Sarah, the 60-year old bride whose love story recently stole our hearts, and made us all gush?

Of course, you do!

We shared the news here that Sarah got married for the very first time on Saturday, February 4, 2017, at an unbelievable age of 60!

What makes her more endearing, and her story more captivating is her undeniable beauty; and although she looked pretty amazing in her wedding pictures, her pre-wedding photos are just as stunning!

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Sarah smiles beautifully in all the pictures as she holds on to her sweetheart, and in another picture, as she looks straight in to the camera, wrapped sweetly in his embrace as the city lights twinkle behind them.

Sarah's fairy tale is already one of the best things to happen in the year 2017, and as we look upon these enchanting pictures and smile, we can only wish her a lot more bliss in her new marriage.