A young couple reported to be deaf and dumb went viral after they tied the knot in a very beautiful white and traditional ceremony.

One would have mistaken the deaf and dumb couple for just any other pair as they danced graciously to the tune of the song being played in the background.

Surrounded by both family and friends, the two learnt that indeed, love has no bounds.

The two got the chance to live out their dreams in front of their loved ones and not even their disability could hinder them from letting love win.

They were all smiles and walked with so much joy in their heart as they knew their forever had just begun.

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The bride and groom exchanged their vows using sign language and the crowd was touched as it watched the simple yet powerful declaration of love.

The man and his wife hugged as their eyes welled up with tears and showed from then on, it was them against the world.

Social media users were touched by the clip and tried their best to stay composed as they replayed it.

Source: Tuko.co.ke