Its Valentines season. Yaaay!

It's that time of the month that speaks loudest of love and lovers, of roses and candle-lit dinners, of kisses and cuddles...

While boat cruises, dinner dates, and other romantic ideas sound nice, other interesting, more intimate adventures such as a baecation could make this Valentine's a memorable one for you and that special person.

Just a weekend away with your significant other - not necessarily to a far distance - could be an ideal substitute for all the cliché romantic things people do in the season of love.

These are three nice reasons why you should on a short vacation with bae to commemorate this year's Valentine's.

1. Intense bonding

Just think about it: going away to an unfamiliar environment, being without people you are both used to and seeing stuff you probably have not seen before will give your relationship more moments to treasure, more beautiful memories created together, and really, more intimacy.

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2. Vacation sex is always mind-blowing

Being with bae and focusing totally on them for the duration of the baecation just does something to you.

Coupled with the fact that you are in a new environment, and several hours  of spending so much uninterrupted time together, the sex sessions, from experience shared by couples who have felt it, is bound to be mindblowing.

Unlike your bed and other spots in your home that you are used to, making out in an unfamiliar location, getting really intimate on a short vacation, as they say, is always the bomb.

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3. You have time for each other

Imagine the pleasure of having all the time in the world on your hands to do as you please!

Being on a baecation means you lock out all worries about work, deadlines, and other responsibilities for few days. You can properly rest, play hard, and actually communicate with your boo.

A romantic get away for this year's Val's sounds very interesting now, doesn't it?