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Understanding your love languages

January 19th 2022, 12:09:51 pm

The truth is whether you acknowledge it or not; everyone cant be loved the same way.

Love languages

Some would take cute little handwritten love letters over a piece of jewelry you bought for them and vice versa. People give and receive love differently, and this is why you should understand your love language, especially for you relationship people. Confusion and miscommunication are bound to occur when two people speak two different languages either one understands; the same thing goes for love languages.

There are five primary love languages;

Words of affirmation

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This is my favourite, maybe because it's my top lobe language. Verbal or written confessions express this love language. If you enjoy hearing “I love you” words of encouragement, appreciation, compliments, comments that make you feel loved, seen, and appreciated, then your love language is words of affirmation.

Quality time

You enjoy quality time as a love language if you always love when your favourite people are around, always finding time to hang out with you and basically be in the same space as you. You never get tired of seeing their faces; when it's time for them to leave, you become utterly sad thinking about their absence again.

Acts of service

Do you enjoy it when your partner or people you love go all out for you just to make things easier for you. Picking you up for work every morning, helping you with that delivery, getting you your favorite snacks when you are sick or a bit sad, or helping you research on a particular project you are on. Then you are definitely someone who deeply cherishes people who make your life very soft and comfortable.


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Gifts are a big deal for some people, and they always want to be gifted something meaningful and well thought out. Most times, it is not always about the monetary value(sometimes sha, it is), but the thought that went into thinking of those particular gifts.

Physical touch

If your top love language is physical touch, you love that feeling of warmth and comfort that comes from physical touch; either in hugs or holding hands. You just feel a deeper connection when you hug such persons or hold hands with them.

It is important to note that you can have more than one love language, but one is always your top language.

Your understanding of how you want to be loved or receive love will help your partner or people you love to communicate their love for you better.


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