Every tribe, every people of the world have their wedding cultures and custom which manifests especially in the manner of their dressing during their wedding ceremonies.

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Of course, the modern day norm is to see the bride and the groom, conforming to the white gown and jacket costume, which was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century.

Before that, Brides had no other option open to them apart from the traditional wedding garment of the nation or people to which they belonged.

Despite the introduction of the white dresses in its various forms, many brides still prefer to dress in their native wedding wear on their wedding day.

A notable example is in Nigeria, where there is usually a traditional wedding before the church/white wedding.

Just as in Nigeria, other brides around the world look for ways to either incorporate their traditional wedding attires into their wedding couture, or to completely ignore the white dress, and go for their native designs.

We bring you some of these amazing wedding attires in the gallery above.