Everyone wants a wedding thats colourful, trendy, full of good food, fine wine, great music and gorgeous, happy  people to share the day with.

But everyone is not Sarkodie, so most times, money na the problem.

If it weren’t so, almost everyone would splurge like this Russian couple and have celebrity-type weddings like Tiwa Savage and Toolz, who had amazing weddings and super-fun traditional weddings.

Of course, everyone can’t have such weddings, but it still does not stop you from having the best time of your life on your big day.

So for traditional weddings, how much will be too much to shell out?

According to Chief Sunday Ekele of Ogbadibo LGA of Benue state, 100K is the maximum any groom should spend on traditional marriages.

City People online quotes the monarch who says:

“Money should not prevent anyone from getting married in our community. From now onward, no one should spend more than hundred thousand naira before he gets a wife in our community.

“We need to encourage the young men so they won’t be scared of going into marriage."

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Although that rule applies only in his community, but don’t you think making this a general rule would be a great idea?

Imagine the relief it’ll bring especially where people spend about ₦2million and above on just the traditional wedding ceremony.

“I heard of a guy who ended up spending about ₦2.5million on just his traditional wedding,” says Ephraim,  who adds that the bride was from Imo state.

Mind you, after the traditional wedding rites, there’s still a church wedding/Nikkah ceremony, as well as a court wedding!!!

So here’s the question; what's the highest anyone should spend on a traditional wedding?