For the past few weeks, attention has firmly been on Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh and her marriage to Oladunni Churchill.

It can safely be said now that the marriage is over. That chapter has come to an end that I frankly did not see coming, especially after reading Fuad Lawal’s view about how Tonto turned her life around with an impressive 360-degree spin.

That piece explains how she's changed from the bad girl we all knew on TV to a happily married woman, ‘wonderful’ Christian and a great mum whose joyful moments with her son are countless.

Just as we were still trying to wrap our heads around the end of yet another celebrity marriage and the circumstances surrounding this particular separation, the actress gave us something else to chew on.

She took to Instagram earlier today February 24, 2017, to talk about how her marriage has not been the fairy tale she had always painted it to be.

According to her, she was only trying to support a man she loved.

In her exact words, “I posted stuffs my ex-husband bought for me doesn't make it true. I used my platform to lie, to make him the man he is today.”

…I have not started talking, I will bare it all but there is time for everything,"  she said.

She did the ‘baring’ in her response to a fan on IG, saying “Nobody knows how many STDs I have treated or pain I [knew] in marriage. If laughter is all they have then the karma that bites me awaits them all.

“…No marriage is perfect but mine was based on gross lies deceit, scam and many more darkness.”

What stands out is how outrageously scandalous this whole story sounds.

Wasn’t it just months ago that Tonto was showing off the most-recent sleek Lexus ride her husband bought her?

Oh, and how dare we forget the massive yellow diamond ring, the rose gold iPhone and many other gifts that the actress would proudly share on her platform, and how she’d praise her boo and call him sweet things such as her “dearest husband,”  and saying “your love has made me a better woman and I am grateful to God for letting our paths cross.”

Of course, we now know all that was a sham. But at the time, it appeared as if all was fun, roses and sweets in the marriage, and it wasn’t hard to picture many people tagging the actress’ union as their ‘marriage goals.’

What this new revelation has shown is the unending futility in trying to gauge the happiness in a relationship or marriage by checking what the couple share through social media.

And like I wrote in a previous article, “sweet social media interaction between couples does not mean all is well, and a lack of it does not necessarily threaten the happiness and longevity of the relationship.”

Tonto has used her marriage, false Instagram feeds, and this eventual release of truth to underscore again, that PDA on social media ain’t shit.