Besides supporting the couples and getting to see the wedding gown, most people look forward to the food that would be served at every wedding party.

When planning your wedding, you need to pay lots of attention to the menu list. How you feed your guests depend on you and your budget of course. You have the option of going for plated or buffer style, depending on the number guests you're expecting.

You must go over the menu list with your caterer or wedding planner. Irrespective of your number of guests, here are important tips that would help plan a perfect wedding menu.

1. Set realistic budgets

From the serving style and the number of guests to the appetizers at cocktail hour, every decision you make will impact cost. With this knowledge, you need to choose menus that will fit into your budget. You might need to cut down the number of guest if the cost is more than your budget. It's normal for people to complain at a typical Nigerian wedding. All you need to do is focus on a menu list you can comfortably afford.

2. Consider generally accepted meal

Consider adding generally accepted meal on your menu list [Instagram/ Summit Event Catering]
Consider adding generally accepted meal on your menu list [Instagram/ Summit Event Catering]
Instagram/ Summit Event Catering

While thinking of people's preference, you can arrange for generally accepted meals like small chops or barbecue. This will reduce complaints and no one will go home without tasting something from the menu list.

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3. Make extra

Whatever meal on your menu list should be duplicated just for unseen circumstances. If you know there's a possibility of guest overcrowding your wedding, you need to have a backup plan by making extra food. To avoid stories that touch the heart, ensure your caterers are well informed about this point.