One of the most underrated things that hardly gets talked about in relationships is the need to overlook and knowing the best time to do so.

What we always talk about is the need to communicate all your worries and concerns and all that bothers you in your relationship, and there's actually nothing wrong with that.

Refusing to communicate is wrong, so is misusing the complaint card. [Credit: Shutterstock]

No one can say communication is bad for you and your partner because communication is a solid foundation on which all relationships are built.

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However, being the partner who tries to communicate everything and talk about all wrongs, no matter how minor will take you away from the realm of communicative and expressive to finicky and overbearing.

Choosing the right time to communicate is really a habit to learn and master [Credit: Madamenoire]

As much as communication is key, there is still a need for a balance and that balance can be found in knowing what to overlook and what should compulsorily and necessarily be talked about.

Until you reach a place in your relationship where that balance is evenly found and achieved, you may continue to have problems with your partner and that relationship.