For many, these are questions that they have never quite found the right answers to. In a relationship landscape where sex is perceived as ‘overrated’ in some quarters and ‘super important’ in others, the confusion is understandable.

Here’s the thing though, when done right, sex is so, so powerful and really instrumental when talking about ways to consolidate emotional connection and romantic bonds between partners.

So it is very important to be with someone who gets it right and rocks your world at all times and if you somehow meet someone who is great at all things but bad at sex and you just can’t bear the relationship, here are reasons why you should never feel bad for getting out [ or wanting to!]

Relationship problem.

1. You deserve great sex

It’s not shallow to want to have a decent sex life, it’s human instinct. It’s like wanting food and water. OK, maybe it’s not that essential to life, but really, it’s pretty close.

2. You’ll be miserable in a relationship without it

Sexual incompatibility and having a sex life that’s not up to scratch can over an extended period make for a seriously miserable existence. You really do not need this.

And no, we’re not exaggerating!

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3. It always leads to resentment

How can anyone not begin to harbour resentment towards someone who knows they’re unhappy but doesn’t want to do anything about it?

Problems of dating a man who can't express emotions

4. There’s a risk of emotional damage

Sex is an incredibly powerful and compelling urge in humans. Suppressing that urge because your partner has issues – or even worse, going along with sexual acts that make you unhappy to in order to please a partner – risks long term emotional damage, according to Metro UK

5. Life is too short to be getting trash sex

Tomorrow is not assured, you know. Just get the best of the sexual satisfaction you can get today – right here and right now.

And if your boo can’t ever assure you of that, there is no reason why you should feel bad for wanting out.