The Internet is still buzzing following one of the most romantic, heart-melting weddings ever organised in living memory.

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Surprise birthdays? Well, yeah, we've seen that many times. Next, please.

Surprising, totally unexpected proposals? Of course, we've heard about that, too. Next!

How about a surprise proposal, and an even more surprising wedding ceremony six hours later? Wait... what?!

Yeah, yeah. it happened, people. It happened and we are still blown away by how totally romantic and dream-like it all feels.

It began when Alfred Duncan, a Grammy and EmmyAwards nominated Vocalist surprised his personal trainer girlfriend Sherrell Woodward yesterday, 2nd October, 2016, by proposing to her at 12pm and then marrying her at 6pm! [p.s: we've now nominated Alfred for boyfriend/Groom of the year]

The surprise scheme was actually made possible by the assistance of her family members who helped Alfred with the perfect execution.

The fairytale wedding began with just lunch.  Apparently, Sherrell knew that Alfred had planned a surprise-filled day for them both, according to reports, but she surely wasn’t prepared for the extent of what was really to come after the dinner [she surely never esperrerit.]

She got a taste of what was coming when  Duncan stood up in front of the whole restaurant and told her how much he loved her, and how eagerly he had waited for her to be his wife.

Then, sure enough, our man was on a bent knee, proposing with so much love in his eyes [and a little bit of romantic mischief in his mind.]

Just moments after he proposed, he managed to convince her to go get ready for an engagement shoot.  [An engagement shoot! What a man!]

Sherrell had no clue that she was actually being sent on her way to get glammed up for her wedding ceremony and reception! [Engagement shoot indeed!]

It was not until she arrived and the blindfold removed, that she realised what her beau had indeed planned.

The bride couldn’t hold back her surprise and shed tears of joy almost throughout the ceremony.

There haven’t been many love stories that moved us this much, and we can only wish that long may this union last. #ForeverDuncan

True love and magical romance still exists, guys. Go out and locate yours!