Without beating around the bush, breadcrumbing, according to Urban dictionary is the act of

The term seems to have been gotten from the concept of tossing crumbs or grains to birds and animals to lure them into a trap.

So basically, breadcrumbing happens when someone sends a random flirty message to an ex, a fling, or someone on Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform.

As you might have guessed, men are more fond of doing this than women, but that does not mean women don’t do it, too.

People do it for various reasons, and that depends on who they are sending the texts to.

But what are the most common reasons why people drop breadcrumbs? Seven of those reasons are listed below:

1. They’re horny and need a booty call.

2. When they are feeling guilty about how they treated you.

3. They need an update on your love life.

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4. When they’re feeling lonely.

5. When he/she misses you.

6. They’re  looking for friendship with benefits.

7. They are seeking to be friends again.