People in relationships think they have problems and lots of things to deal with [ok, they actually do] but if they actually know the things single people have to deal with, maybe they’ll

Especially for single babes, the struggle is just so real. And in the following lines, we document seven of the biggest ones that too many single ladies know too much about!

1. People assume you’re taken

But of course you’re not and every time they say it, you scream internally at their uninformed conclusion.

Especially if you are a pretty one, you’d have heard it so much that if a kobo was given for each time you did, you’d probably be a billionaire already!

2. People assume you need a boyfriend

Another baggage you have to drag around is the one of people who think that because you are single, you need a boyfriend.

Oh, please!

3. Matchmakers

As if it’s not enough that people think you need a boyfriend because that’s what your life needs to be complete, some will even go the extra mile to match you with some [usually dead] guys.

Dear Lord!

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4. Third wheel

One other stress and struggle you get for being a single babe is that you get to be a third wheel.

5. You get left out

When you are single and have friends that are married, you’ll likely get  locked out once they begin to do those couple things.

6. Loneliness

Don’t you just want to come back home some nights to booty rubs, feet massages and a companion to chatter to about how your day went?

Of course you do, but guess what? You have only an empty apartment and… the shower head.

Tragic stuff.

7. Sexual frustration

Sex toys and self-help are great, of course, but they’re not particularly substitutes for the real deal, right?

And that’s for those who use such things. For those who don’t… just imagine it!