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Signs that shows that a woman isn't interested in you

January 20th 2022, 8:19:41 pm

The better you get at spotting the signs that a girl doesnt like you, the less time youll waste chasing women that dont want you.

Signs that shows that a woman isn't interested in you

As a man, it is essential to understand that some women won't show interest in you, and that's okay. Below are some common signs that can tell if a woman is not interested in a relationship.

1. She doesn't pay attention

Where a woman focuses her attention can tell you a lot about her. If she's focused on anything other than you and doesn't seem excited to spend time with you, then chances are she wants to leave as soon as possible.

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In addition, other gestures that can show that she is not focused on you includes checking her phone constantly or acting like there's somewhere she needs to be.

2. She pulls away from gentle touches

Women like to be touched by men they like and get irritated by physical touch from men that don't tickle their fancy. If you notice a woman constantly pulling away when you try to near her or even make physical contact, then she might not be interested.

3. She doesn't try to touch you

When women are attracted to men, they don't hesitate to try to touch. If she hasn't broken the touch barrier, she's either not interested or shy. Pray it's the latter. If you want to be sure if she's shy or disinterested, try holding her hand; if she pulls away, she's not interested.

4. She doesn't ask personal questions

If a woman is not curious about her personal life, then she is not trying to get in it. It has been proven that women die to learn more about men they like. If you've been talking with her for a while and she doesn't pry into your personal life, then maybe she's not into you.

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5. She avoids eye contact

Psychology says when someone is attracted to you, they subconsciously try to maintain eye contact to feel closer to you and interested in what you are saying. Eye contact triggers chemicals in the brain that can help you read a person's intentions towards you. If she doesn't make eye contact in a discussion, she may not be interested in what you are saying.


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