Imagine a really shy babe trying to shoot her shot with her crush - thatll be a festival of awkwardness, right?

Well, pretty much.

Women who shoot shots

Most of the time, even the boldest and most liberal women take a moment to consider their options well before hitting on a guy they fancy.

[No available link text]Now imagine what it'd be like for shy women to shoot their shots!

And mean women who are very shy to the point of getting tongue-tied even when a guy hits them up and tries to get them to come on a date!

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Shy women ask men out

Buzzfeed somehow manages to get four shy millennials to test their bae-snatching skills on shy strangers and the results are really interesting.

Watch the ladies pull their strongest [or weakest?] moves on men in the clip below.

[No available link text]These pretty ladies putting their fear of rejection aside and blocking fine boys on the streets of New York should actually be the best thing you see on the Internet today.