All relationships are dependent on choices. The two people involved in any relationship would have reached a decision to start the relationship, and to keep up with the affair, doing everything that excite the other person and makes them both happy.

It has been proven over and over again that a relationship without sex or the constant request for it is one that many people gravitate towards and that's just fine, really. Such is the dopeness of the concept of celibacy that we have listed five great reasons why it remains such a wonderful option to consider.

1. Enables better communicating

When a couple practices abstinence, their communication is good and they get to have deeper conversations because they have

2. The friendship blossoms

A romantic relationship essentially consists in cultivating a friendship, and there is no friendship without conversation and shared interests. Personal conversation creates friendships and helps us to discover one another and get to know the other’s qualities and flaws.

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3. Think clearly

Sex has the ability to make people stay in a relationship longer than necessary. Without sex to scramble your mind, taking important relationship decisions when necessary becomes a lot easier.

4. More ways of showing affection

The couple who practices abstinence finds new ways to show affection instead of basing most of in on sex. The relationship becomes stronger as they have more opportunities to get to know each other’s character and habits, and learn the ways to maintain the relationship.

5. Breakups hurt less

When you have not been physically intimate and decide to break up, the separation is less devastating. This is so because sexual activity forms strong bonds between people which often results in more intense pain in the event of a break-up.