Whether now or some other time in the future, you may find yourself falling for someone, seeking their attention and hoping for their affection.

It’s all good to love and feel the need to be loved back. But before that time comes, here are five things about relationships that you should know and never ever forget:

1. Pay attention to red flags

Red flags exist to warn us of danger or problems ahead. But when you are falling in love with someone there is a tendency that you may forget how to process their actions rightly, thereby leaving some wrong signals improperly addressed. This could come back to haunt you.

Stay alert. Pay attention to those red flags.

5 ways to make the best of a rainy day with your boo
5 ways to make the best of a rainy day with your boo

2. Friendship first

When a physical attraction exists between two people, they often skip over important steps of healthy relationship development. Do not make this mistake.

In order to have long-lasting love within, in order to build a bond with someone which goes beyond physical attraction and chemistry, then at your core, you have to be friends with them first.

If you quickly put a romantic label on things or hop into bed with someone, you miss the opportunity to find out if you truly respect them or if you really enjoy their company.

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3. Avoid making major decisions too early

Learn to be slow and patient as you form any romantic relationship. You need time to observe, to notice and to internalize and process things. Don’t be in a rush. You don’t want to jump to a conclusion based on temporary romantic feelings.

4. Remain true to yourself

When people fall in love, they often sell out some aspects of themselves in order to become their partner’s ideal. Don’t do this.

Of course, concessions are not unheard of and compromises will be made but to change yourself, especially when you have no character flaws, this is not advisable. You should be allowed to express yourself fully and healthily in the relationship.

5. Other interests

Just like anything you pursue in life without properly pacing yourself, over-indulging carries the risk of leading to burnout. Let yourself and your partner have the opportunity to explore life and grow in all other facets of their lives.