What do you do on the third anniversary of marrying the love of your life?

Surely no one can possibly provide a better answer than fashion enthusiast and media entrepreneur, Noble Igwe, whose marriage with Chioma reaches the 3rd year mark; and is commemorating with by lighting up social media with one heart-warming story after another.

Noble chronicles his love sojourn with his wife in detail, eliciting numerous heart-eyes with stories of his first contact with Chioma, all the sleek Naija-guy moves he had to pull to ensure that he entered the race for her heart; he links the plot to the legendary, viral love letter he wrote and shared on Twitter in 2011 and of course, there was a clincher of an anniversary post on Instagram.

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Sharing a picture of him and Chioma dancing in mist that looks like a continuation of his wife's elegant wedding dress, Noble writes:

“Two people who were not born in the same house gets together to get married and start learning how to live together as husband and wife. For some people, they go from husband and wife to parents, for others, they stay just husband and wife.

“Years ago, we didn’t know one another, today we are parents but that’s not our biggest accomplishment.

“Our biggest and best decision was coming together in love, learning to navigate this tough life together as one, helping one another to reach new heights while striving to be the best parents.

“Chioma, I am not perfect but in the next 87 lives to come, I want to do this with you. Happy Anniversary, love.”

With love from Pulse Weddings, happy anniversary to Noble and the love of his life.

We love, love their love!