Signs you are in lust

If your relationship is not built on principles, you will end up falling out of love, just as quick as you fell in.


Many people mistake lust for love, hence the many stories of heartbreak on both sides of the genders.

Sex is not love. Sincerely assess yourself, after reading this.

1. It is lust, when you do not discuss or talk about anything, and your discussions are coded in deep groans and moans under the sheets.

2. It is lust when deep down you know this person is not meant to be, yet you stick on, because of your insecurity or what you want to get.

3. It is lust, when you think this person will fill a certain void in your life.

4. It is lust, when you have no idea who they are and they do not care too.

5. Very very “lusty” when you tug away at each other’s clothes every little chance you have.

6. It is lust, when you are highly sought after to warm the sheets and your input is not needed-thrown away, ignored.

7. Can this be love? When both partners desire the comfort of others while still in a relationship.

8. When your relationship is based on certain conditions, you are in lust.

Love is kind and does not hurt another. It considers the impact of its action before going ahead.

Love is not selfish and it does not brag. Love builds.

It supports and upholds the truth. It does not thrive in deceit, neither does it seek to promote its interest. Love listens, it shows care. It does not insist on having its way. Love is consistent unconditional sacrifice.


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