Every relationship goes through challenges, and most people fall off the way, while others hold on strongly together.

How do people stay strong together, in the midst of daunting challenges?

Here are the things you should do to enjoy a sweet relationship.

1. Spend quality time together: You relationship will grow faster when you spend quality time with you partner. Emphasis should not be on the length of time spent together, but the activities that take place during you time together.

2. Talk the love talk: When you express your feelings to your partner with words, he or she feels appreciated. Always tell your partner how beautiful she is, how intelligent he speaks etc. It helps.

3. Communicate Always: Assumption is the lowest form of Knowledge. Do not assume your partner is happy. Ask questions. Iron out issues in a civil manner. No disagreement should lead to a fight.

4. Tell the truth always: When your partner finds out that you do not tell the truth always, you break trust. Trust is a vital ingredient needed for the success of every relationship. Let your word be your bond.

5. Show respect: Everybody, especially men, want respect. Show your partner how much you value them and their opinions, and see them glow.

6. Openly shower each other with love and affection: This creates a bond among couples. Those little show of affection, does the magic.