20 Lessons I learnt from my breakup

Before you get up with your holiest of holies cloak and judge this lady, read and see if you can learn something.

20 Lessons I learnt from my breakup.

Hmmmmm! Breakups. Really!!! Who has not gone through them?

Breakups started from primary school days when friends chose to desert you for refusing to share your lunch.

Well, this time around, a young reader has chosen to share the vital lessons she learnt from breakups in her relationships.

1. In every relationship breakdown, both partners have their fault.

2. Sometimes, a breakup is the best thing to ever happen to an individual.

3. Breakups occur when partners put their selfish interests above the relationship.

4. The signs were there but you just chose to overlook them.

5. You do not have to be your EX’s enemy.

6. Locking up yourself and staying in your own solitary world will not bring them back.

7. Never ever beg your Ex to come back. You portray a sign of weakness.

8. Take time to heal, before starting another relationship.

9. Life does not revolve around you. Help other people grow.

10. Never give up on love.

11. Do not bear grudges.

12. Do not carry out your hurt on other guys. You might just be pushing away the right guy.

13. Learn to leave your past behind, and move on with your life.

14. Never try to prove a point to your EX.

15. Understand your flaws and how they contributed to the breakup.

16. Work on your flaws.

17. Do not join the gossip crew.

18. Grow and improve yourself.

19. It is good to cry yourself to sleep sometimes.

20. Never accept the thought that there is something wrong with you. They lost, not you.


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