Women have successfully taken the fine art of nagging online and the age old solution of walking away no longer works on it's own, you now have to switch off your phones as well. And you’ll be foolish not to be scared.

Women have overthrown great empires from the beginning of time starting with Adam, and even MTN begged after foolishly airing that ‘mama na boy advert.’ Till date, little boys have gone extinct in their subsequent adverts. Yet somehow women are still perceived as the weaker sex and have to be protected from wicked men.

“Do not hit a woman, no matter what she does,” that's what society says, that's what pastors say, that's what women say, that's what some men say, and they are all right. No man should hit a woman. But domestic violence is not always committed by men.

What this law means is, being a woman gives you the right to ‘go up and down’ running your mouth, dishing out slaps like small chops, and daring a man to hit you if he's a man, while the man is just supposed to stand there like an electric pole and take it dutifully, or walk away i.e if she’ll allow him.

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The nature of men and women are different. While women are adept at fighting with their mouths, and can cut you real deep with their razor sharp tongues, men are not so blessed. Arguing with words tire them out, the only fight they understand is the one that involves their fists. So when you tell a man not to hit a woman please also kindly tell the woman not to continuously provoke a man. Let's keep it balanced.

Now while there are a few men who hit women for the slightest reasons and love to cut them down with their words, most men I know do not hit women.

I never for one day saw my dad hit my mom, nor do my brothers hit their wives, nor have any of my sisters being hit by their husbands, nor do any of the men in my circle hit women, so I get confused when I see statistics like “7 in 10 homes suffer domestic violence.”

I also know good God fearing men that have hit women because the fact is everyone is capable of violence you just need to find their trigger. But if all the men you know hit women then the problem might just be you, the kind of men you attract or the simple fact that you are not properly schooled in the art of handling men.

Sadly some men don't understand that women are the most loyal beings God created and these beasts rely on brute force to get women to obey and respect them. They fail to don't understand that once a woman believes in you, you'll have her loyalty and that loyalty also comes packaged with respect.

But respect does not mean turning her to a slave and making unrealistic demands of her, like a post I saw on Twitter that read something like “if you are not ready to wake up at 2 AM and make him his favourite dish, you are not ready for marriage”, that's not realistic.

The truth is men do not have the monopoly on domestic violence. There are both abusive men and abusive women. The only difference is a woman is more vocal with her pain while a man will rather suffer in silence than expose the fact that his wife abuses him at home and sometimes publicly. So let's not be too quick to point fingers.