Social media is now a contsnat threat to the existence and wholesomeness of most relationships today. So many couples spend a better part of their relationship on social media than in real life to the extend that they find it easier pinging and chatting than having real verbal conversations. At what point should couples get a social media detox? Here are reasons why you guys need to stop right now!

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1. You're more up-to-date with what everyone else has been doing than you are with what's going on in your partner's life. This is really weird.

2. People make fun of you for being a "social media couple" when you're out. And by "that couple," they mean the couple that's always on their phones. Go live in a cabin with no reception for a week. It'll do you some good.

3. You're the first to like each other's updates. Don't worry. Everyone gets it. They know you're going out.

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4. You've been finding yourself getting more and more jealous about other people's relationships. There has been plenty written about how toxic social media can be, and how people only put their best moments online. If you're finding yourself getting upset because it seems like everyone else is out having fun, taking vacations, and spending money, get off the internet. You (probably) have no reason to feel bad about your relationship, and you're not missing much if you miss a few weeks' worth of your mom's Facebook updates. I promise

5. You take 10-plus selfies together daily. That's too many, for God's sake! I can guarantee that a lot of your friends and even some of your family  members have unfollowed you because you are absolutely mad.

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6. You message each other so much during the day that you have nothing to talk about face-to-face. Your partner basically Snapchats their life in real-time. They Instagram office parties and leave status updates about their work enemies. By the time they come home, you've got a play-by-play of everything they did all day. Meanwhile, you were texting them constantly. It's probably best to limit social media to the essentials from 9 to 5 so you can actually interact in person.

No one can keep you off social media but are you ready to be tagged the "social media couple" who have a miserable real life relationship? Think abou it.