Understandably relationships and marriages have flaws, moments of disputes and all that.

What makes a relationship 'normal' and 'healthy' is the presence of more joy than stress, more peace than trouble.

Then there are instances of people who seem to straddle the midpoint between constantly wanting to break up and make out, fight and cuddle.

Such relationships are said to be love/hate relationships, and they are not healthy.

Here are ways to know that you are in such relationship.

1. You absolutely love certain parts of him/her

This is the most basic thing you will notice of such relationship. He/she has qualities and traits that you downright love and adore about them.

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2. But you also hate them for many more

For every great behavior, however, there is one that annoys the hell out of you. There seems to be a balance between the good things he does and the bad he seems to pull out of a hat.

Remember, a healthy relationship has more of good than bad. Not a balance of both.

3. The relationship often lack deep connections

There is no particularly deep bond between you both. The surface traits are what you are only in love with.

4. Intense opposing emotions

Some days, you are all cuddly and romantic; and on other days, you are screaming at each other, wishing you never met your significant other.

There is hardly an emotional balance. Always topsy-turvy.

5. The relationship lacks true purpose

Because of the amount of emotional ups and downs that are often involved in this kind of affair, there usually exists a lack of purpose. This is because you are cool one moment, and the other, you are at each other’s throats.

This kind of behavior does not exactly encourage future plans.

6. Constant break-up and make-up

Typically in a relationship where there is such strong emotional tussle, there’ll be calls for breakups during moments of anger and because you can't deal with the crap anymore. just as soon as the breakup calls are being made, though, you both find a way to make up again.

You just can't seem to stand each other, and at the same time you can't get enough of each other.