This is the voice of a woman, and I bet it sounds familiar to you, too. Surely it is a sentiment you must have heard a woman or two express. Single guys are out there looking for purely sexual relationships from single women who desire more than that. The commonness of this is one of the reasons why many women believe that all men ever want from them is sex and not much more.

It is easy to say that this is some kind of problem that only teenage males, bursting with unmanageable levels of testosterone have, but it is more than that. Even single men in their late 20’s and early 30's who ‘should be planning to marry already’ are still out there seeking casual sexual relationships, leaving their female counterparts wondering what the problem may be. If he's single and I'm single, why can't we both be committed to each other, they wonder.

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A single woman in their mid-twenties is typically desirous of something deeper than just sex. So when a guy comes around her with any kind of interest, her expectation would often be for some marriage-intended relationship. So when he begins to propose something as ‘shallow’ as casual sex, the reasonable question is; why does he want just sex and not commitment?

One of the answers is that his timing of commitment is not the same as yours. Men want to marry, too. Of course, almost everyone in these parts, male and female, wants to marry. Everyone wants commitment and all that comes with it. The disparity in the relationship needs of a guy who wants just sex and a woman asking for more is just the timing.

Due to the way the society is structured and how the present generation has been socialized, men have more leeway to explore their sexuality while women are called names when they do so. Women are generally expected to be chaste and seek commitment before delving into their sexuality in any capacity.

So while the need for commitment is present in both genders, the timing of commitment is what differs. And of course, what to do while waiting for ‘The One’ also seems to vary in the eye of the society.

While men seem free to sleep with as many women as they can, a demand is traditionally placed on women to rein in their sex drive and not express it [until they are married].

So when next a guy comes along asking or posturing for a relationship heavy on sex but devoid of the serious emotional attachment you crave, you should know what the problem is.