Loving someone does not guarantee that they will reciprocate.

As a matter of fact, the sad reality is that people often have their love thrown in their faces by those they love, who don't love them back

A twitter user with the handle Baby Yo touches on this issue when she asked users on the social media platform to state the most insane reasons why people refused to enter into a relationship with them.

The inquisitive tweet reads "What's the most ridiculous reason someone told you why they can't date you?" and the responses gotten truly contain really baffling answers.

The initiator herself, Baby Yo, opens the floor with her own weird experience.

She says "someone told me he can't date me because I'm from a broken home."

Another user got classically zoned, revealing that his crush rejected him because according to her, he was like a brother to her.

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Another user says he was denied because the girl said "you don't have a car and I can't be walking around under the sun." [Hey! Isn't love supposed not to cost a thing?]

There was also the user who suffered for being too goodlooking. She says a man said to her, "You are too fine. You might cheat on me" [What?!]

According to another user; "she thinks i have a spirit wife... and she doesn't want to compete with her"

And another one: "my breast was small and he likes girls with big breasts." [Such body-shaming though]

And there was the user who got curved because he has pink lips, and another male user who says she told him the following: "[She says] I'm too nice and guys that are too nice apparently are no good in bed" [What I'd give to see the fact book to back this up]

Finally, there was the female user who could not be loved "because many guys seem to like [her]"

These are indeed ridiculous things to get rejected for. This life just a pot of hot beans, innit?