We ocassionally hear whispers of discontent; the unhappy complaints of few [actually, more than a few] young women.

In the movie “Think Like a Woman, Act Like a Man,” Michael [Terrence Jenkins] and Candace [Regina Hall] provide quite an ideal example of what a manchild/Mummy’s boy looks like and the problems it poses for a relationship.

If you have seen that 2012 movie, you'd notice how Michael was still far too dependent on his mom’s approval for a man his age. His case of ‘mummy’s-boyism’ was actually quite crazy.

This brings me to the question, 'how does one recognize a real Mummy’s boy or a Manchild?'

Have you ever been with a guy, and majority of his actions, almost all the time, are so grossly irresponsible and childish that it reminds you of your 12-year old brother?

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They look like they are the real deal, but from their speech, to their demeanour and treatment of you as a woman, -he doesn't listen, does not even know how to take care of himself let alone you, etc- you can just easily tell that this person has a lot of growing up to do.

To top it all, the kind of friends he rolls with possess these childish qualities, too.

Having said all that, perhaps the greatest way to know this kind of guy is to watch his relationship with his mother.

No man deserves that name if he has not detached himself from his mother.

The fact that anyone is called a man presupposes the idea that they can actually live without their mothers.

They must have actively torn themselves from their mother's breasts, emancipated themselves from her control.

The aspect of a man being a man because he has learnt how to take responsibility and treat a woman right is only about 50%.

The other 50% is dependent on how he relates to his mother, and how he lets her treat him.

Mothers, naturally, want to have a say in their children’s lives for as long as possible; and if he allows her, she'll most likely dictate to him how he treats his girl.

Should that be allowed to happen? A resounding NO!

Anyone who has mentally grown into a man would know when to severe that tie between his mother and him.

If you’re dating a manchild, I’m truly sorry to tell you this; they’re tough to deal with and even harder to fix.

Goodluck to you in that relationship.