One thing with rain is this, it could ruin your day and frustrate your well-laid  plans.

So, you planned to go out and chill with friends, or take your partner out to a social event, or maybe go get some work done, but you know, as is often the case during its season, rain has other plans.

Don’t fret, though. You could turn it around, get a lot done and still have maximum fun without leaving the confines of your home.

Wondering how you and your partner could stay indoors and make the best of the rainy day?

Worry no more, below are the very best ways to enjoy the best of a rainy day with your partner.

1. Talk

You both have been very busy all week, and there hasn't been much time to talk. Now is the time to. No rush, no hurry. You're in each other's arms on a cold wet day; now open up your hearts and communicate. Tackle an issue that’s been bugging you. Relax. Have a conversation.

2. Dance

Play a nice slow song and Waltz to it. Wande Coal's 'Ololufe' is a timeless song that you'll find useful here. And if you prefer something a little more upbeat just so you could include some grinding to this exercise, just go on and do your thing. I think you might find 'Darlin' by Stan Iyke and Tiwa Savage of great use. The point here is to just be close to your lover as much as possible.

3. Netflix & chill

Dim the lights. Turn on a good movie. Just make sure it's really a good one. Rom-coms are highly prescribed on days like this.

4. Cuddle

Snuggle up to each other as the rain beats the roof. Let hands and legs intertwine. Share body warmth. Nothing beats this feeling, and cuddles are best shared when it's cold.

5. Have sex

There's pretty much no avoiding this, and all other activities you have shared will only serve to heighten the mood.

Rain is said to be really romantic, so make the best of it. Light candles. Make the kisses linger... slow and passionate. Take your time and extend your pleasure.

If by now the rain has not subsided, please just repeat the whole process again. *wink*