You ever wondered why sometimes the ladies who are not so beautiful get the best men in the game and manage to keep a long lasting relationship?

It’s because they understand the language of attraction. Attraction is what keeps a man glued to you and willing to stay with you. So let’s consider these languages so you understand how attraction really works with a man.

1. Body language

Truth is sometimes the words you say to a man don’t matter much, what does matters is your body language, the way you carry yourself the confidence in your voice.

You can do this by sitting in a sensual position like a lady would, generally what I mean is holding yourself like you are the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen or heard of and you will see yourself becoming it and attract men who believe it about you.

2. Eye contact

The eyes are one of the beautiful features of every human, the eyes are used to get attention and show interest.

So if you are connecting with a man try to hold eye contact longer than usual it shows you are attracted to the person, also shows self-confidence and it is a huge turn – on for any guy.

It sounds simple but try and see the wonders it works.

3. Flirting/sexual chemistry

One of the best ways to enjoy a conversation or new relationship is through flirting.

There’s no rule that says a lady cannot initiate flirting do not be afraid to start things as long as you know what you are doing.

For example, you can try this with breaking the socially-acceptable limits on physical space, interpreting communication through a sexual subtext, teasing and sarcasm.

4. Self-confidence

Self-confidence brings amazing results. This means having your act together almost at all times.

Many women cannot keep their composure when a man starts pushing their buttons, being upset or angry is unpleasant and reveals insecurity in you.

Furthermore, make sure you are confident about discussing the topic” sex”. When you exhibit this, it will attract the kind of man you desire.

5. Tension and Anticipation

This is where you hit your game plan. Make your moves unpredictable, it brings out the excitement in a man. You have to place him where you want him to be.

The message that you want to send to him is, “I know that I could make a move right now, but I choose not to on my own terms. I’m going to keep you guessing… make no mistake about it, I’m in control of myself here, even though I love this and I’m staying.”

Furthermore, you have to play hard to get don’t give him the benefit of having you when he needs you it makes a man lose interest easily, every man likes to pursue his woman.

I bet you once you play hard to get he will not want to lose you. Finally always give him room to miss you do not be available 24/ 7, this gives you time to live your life and gives him time for himself.

Men like a woman who has got all her acts together, they want to commit to someone who does not always display that she is emotionally dependent.

Finally, I hope you practice this language of attraction as it makes the woman in you confident and bold. If you have any questions or comments let’s see it in the comment box.

Written by Jennifer Umoru.