Dear Bukky,

It's a long story but I will cut it short. I confirmed my girlfriend visited a man who's to get married in two months’ time.

I know he's her friend, I’ve asked her once she said nothing was going on between them. When I asked her what she went to his house to do she said she went to cook for him...

She was even swearing with her womb that she didn't have sex with him...

Advise me on what to do please, I love her so much.__________________________

Hi reader,

If you are wondering whether to trust your girl or not, I think she deserves that trust.

So please, believe her on this one.

As you said, you are aware of the friendship between them and she had once told you that that’s all they have going on between them.

So, the logical thing is to believe her because that’s what relationships are about – trust and unflinching support.

However, lovers are not supposed to put each other in a position to question each other’s loyalty; and apparently, this is exactly the position your girl has put you in by continuing this friendship despite your obvious discomfort with the friendship she has with this guy

I advise that you let her know about this.

She needs to realise that while she retains the freedom to keep friends, it shouldn’t be to the detriment or demise of your relationship.

Have a conversation with her about the need to set reasonable limits and boundaries to this friendship and others.

It is not wrong to keep friends, but it is not cool to put your partner in an uncomfortable position with the friendships.

That’s what I think.___________________________

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