Dear Bukky,

I wholeheartedly love my girlfriend and I wish to spend the rest of my life with her. But as I speak now, she's in a very hot sexual relationship with her boss. I got to find out and cautioned her to stop but she's into it again.

She goes home late every day because after work, she must satisfy her boss right inside his office before going home.

My biggest pain is that her parents don't see any qualms with a 24 year old girl coming back home as late as 10:30pm every day.

I am losing my patience and need an honest advice on how to go from here. I still love her and I just wish she could change.

She took to it again just because I lost my job and her boss consistently throws tips at her and she's dangerously falling for his traps._____________

Dear reader,

How are you sure that she is indeed sleeping with her boss? I think this is where you should start your consideration from?

Isn’t it possible that she is just hardworking and adds so much value to her company and her boss took a special interest in her?

Isn’t it also possible that she is just doing her job and nothing sexual or romantic is going on between the both of them?

I think that these accusations are nothing but that without evidence to prove it.

You should also be careful to not let your current unemployment get the best of you. That you lost your job does not mean that a woman will leave you. Mind you, a woman would cheat on you if she wants to, whether you own 10 companies or not.

I’ll say, please leave that woman to pursue her goals and dreams as freely as possible._____________

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