Dear Bukky,

My girlfriend cheated so I called of the relationship because she said she loves me but she cannot call off her relationship with the other guy. I am confused. I still love her very much. Help me out please.

Dear reader,

You have done the right thing and you should not feel bad for feeling the way you feel at all.

OK, loving her will not automatically stop and yes, it is OK to feel a little bad after the relationship ended. The fact that you let her go does not mean you will immediately stop loving her.

I need to add that you did the right thing. Letting her go was the right thing to do at the time. It remains the sensible thing to do even now. If she cheated on you and feels no remorse about it, the right thing to do would be to let her go. Relationships are better when they are exclusive and since that is what you seek and she could not offer it, you made the right decision to let her go.

Staying in the relationship would have come with so much drama and resentment and eventual breakup, really. This is because both of you would have never been on the same page. Your needs would have been too different and meeting them would have been too difficult. I think you really should be glad that this ended now that it did.

It will hurt for a bit but that’s it. If she cannot be with you and just you, leaving her was the best thing for your happiness and peace of mind and you should be glad that that was what you chose.__________

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