Dear reader,

I am 54 with three children without a wife and in relationship with a 27-year-old girl I have been thinking of engaging in marriage.

The parents have agreed to our plans but the lady had a call one night when we were together. When I tried to find out who's the caller, her answer was her old time lover who wanted to come to marry her.

I have also gotten my things ready to perform the customary rites, I don't know if I should cancel everything and let her go to the old lover.________

Dear reader,

The simple question is this: do you want to marry this woman? If the answer to this is yes, the only thing that should bother you is if she is not interested in marrying you.

If she’s willing and interested in being your wife, the intent and desire of other men should not bother you. Just put faith in the woman and marry her as your intention is.

Maybe if her parents were against it, it may have been a little dicey but thankfully they are not against it and that’s like a massive go-ahead for you.

If there are concerns, as many people have before marrying, I think you should have conversations with your woman and hear what she has to say about those things bothering you, instead of just pulling the plug on her without any explanation.________Do you want to talk about your love life, marriage or family issues?

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