Dear Bukky,

I am tired of falling for wrong people in my life. The problem is I easily for men and I have always been falling for wrong people and it feels like I have been falling for the same character all my life.

How do I tell that this is one is wrong and this one is right? I'm tired I feel like am going crazy. I really need help._________

Dear reader,

I think the question to ask yourself is this: what are your most ideal relationship needs? What are the things you look for in a man, and what are the things that excite you most when falling in love with a man? This is the likeliest reason why you keep falling in love with the wrong people. If you are placing greater importance on things that do not matter that much, you could be harming yourself.

How to tell who is wrong and who is right is to prioritize and rearrange what is important to you in order to reflect sustainable, healthy needs.

Until you do that, you are still going to be attracting the same kind of men who have obviously shown unfit for the kind of love you crave.

Another advice I have for you is that you should be patient. It takes a bit of time to get these things right some times.

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