Dear Bukky,

I have a girl I have been dating now since 2016, I love her so much that i show it but she shows less love to me, whenever she visits, I will be the one to always spark up a romance.

She lies, she doesn’t always want to accept that she is wrong but she appreciates things done for her. She is virgin because we have been keeping sexless relationship for two years now.

Her parents are set to meet each other to discuss our wedding and now so many questions begin to pop up in my brain.

For instance, I wonder if she really is the one for me. I am confused as I do not know how to test her love for me. I really have a lot of doubts about the union in my heart right now._____________

Dear reader,

The first step to having any form of peace and certainty about this relationship is to ask yourself some questions and answer them as frankly as possible.

What are your priorities? What are the things that make up your core values? What are the things you can’t bear from a woman? What are the things you can’t put up with in a relationship? And what are the things that are bearable for you?

Do you think you will be fine with a woman who never accepts responsibility or express remorse for her wrongs? Is the virginity enough for you? Are you getting more relational satisfaction from her than worries?

These will serve as a guide to knowing what your marriage to that woman will feel like. If she has too many habits that you don’t see yourself putting up with, if her character flouts the things you consider as your core values, then you really have no business continuing that relationship.

Like they always say, the signs are usually there before partners tie the knot. People just always choose what they want to see and ignore the signs they should be flagging down as unacceptable.

I don’t think it’s wrong to be a little confused and to ask questions before tying your soul with another’s but at times like this, weighing the situation fairly and honesty facing the truths revealed is really, really important._______________

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