Dear Bukky,

I'm 21 years old. A man who is 33 years older than me is approaching me for marriage, I really like him but I've been getting discouragements from people on why I shouldn't marry him, based on our age difference.

He's been married before but divorced with three kids who were all born in the U. S

Please what's your advice?___________

Dear reader,

You are already of legal age and so there is nothing wrong about wanting to date or be with this man you like.

In the end, I think only you can decide whether or not you will agree to marry him. Before you make your decisions though, think about the things you want for yourself and what you desire in a partner.

Do you think this man will be able to meet them? Also consider getting your parents’ blessings, too.

In the end, there could be advantages to this kind of relationship so if you really think he’ll be good for you, you may find unimaginable happiness in it.

About people trying to discourage you from marrying him, I think that is understandable. 33 years is such a huge age difference and people are not used to such unconventional gaps.

However unusual it is though, people have been known to make all forms of relationship work, and if you give it all the necessary considerations and still decide to go on with it, then by all means, do you.

I’m backing you to find happiness and contentment in whatever decision you make.___________

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