Dear Bukky.

I am reaching out from Minna and I am 22 years of age.

I came across a girl last year September and we started dating this year January, I do masturbate, and whenever I do that, I feel as if I am cheating on her because I really love her so much.

How do I stop this dirty act?______________

Dear reader,

I have no doubt in my heart that you truly love this woman as much as you say you do and I commend your willingness to do right by her at all times.

I need to first mention, for the purpose of information, that masturbation is not in itself regarded as cheating. I think cheating happens when another person is involved. So far there is no other person, it can’t be categorized as cheating.

However, I should also add that masturbation can become cheating if it’s something you cannot do it in the presence of your partner.

So, yes, if you are feeling guilty about it then it is not something you want to keep doing.

How do you stop? I think it’s just a thing of the mind.

If you really intend to stop masturbating, keep your mind free of things that will influence you to keep going back. Stay of explicit images, movies and conversations that will make it impossible to stay away.

Also being busy helps. Look for things to occupy your mind and throw all of your efforts into such things. Get busy.

But most important is the discipline you need to make it happen. Without that, all the above don’t make much sense. It all still falls back on your ability to make this decision and stick to it no matter how difficult.______________Do you want to talk about your love life, marriage or family issues?

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