The truth about falling in-love with a woman (a man's honest opinion)

Is sex everything a guy thinks about when he meets a woman he likes?...

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Here's an article on relationship website, Blogher, talking about what it feels like when a man falls in love with a woman and the misconception that all a guy wants from a woman he just met is sex.

Read and enjoy the article below:

In today's world, people seem to hold this misconception that guys (usually 18-late 20's) only care about one thing, and no, its not food. It's what precedes the late-night snack. I'm here to tell you that that thought is about the least intelligent thing a person could say. I'm a 23 year old man living on Long Island, New York. You know, a place filled with clubs and bars and beautiful girls. Would you like to know the last time I went out and tried to hook up with a woman? That would be never, and no, its not because I can't (probably), its because I don't want to.

People think I'm odd because I'm particular about what kind of women I enter, to them I say you're weird for not. I don't see a beautiful girl and imagine her on my bed doing whatever it is most people imagine.

I see that beautiful girl and think about which restaurant I'd like to take her to. I think about what I'd say to her parents if I was to meet them. Now, if you think that's weird, get this. If I somehow brain-wash this goddess in to going out with me, and we have a few dates, surely I'm going to start thinking about what sex moves I'm going to pull right? Or about how many condoms to bring, because clearly I have the stamina of those porn stars I watch. Wrong.

I think about sitting on her couch, holding her hand, and watching Bar Rescue while conversing with her parents. WHAT?! HER PARENTS ARE IN YOUR IMAGINATION!? Why yes, because they're kind of important. Why are they important you may ask. I'm a guy, I'm supposed to just be thinking about my other head. Wrong again. Sex is honestly the least important detail in my mind. I'm looking for something much more meaningful and fullfilling. Plus, logically speaking, sex lasts like 12 minutes on average anyway, and since I'm a logical man I suppose I'd prefer having fun for more than 12 minutes of my day.

My idea of fun is cuddling and watching a good romantic comedy or something, honestly whatever she's down for. My idea of fun is the look on her face when I surprise her with flowers, because I had 15 bucks and nothing better to spend it on.  My idea of fun is singing along to the radio and causing each other's eardrums to explode. My idea of fun is falling in love. It is honestly the greatest gift a person can receive. It's better than any 2 minute blowjob, or 5 minutes of mediocre sex, because let's face it guys we aren't porn stars.  To get a little serious and a little bit more personal, I had love once.

Obviously, if I'm looking for it again things didn't work out like they did in the Notebook. When I was in love, nothing in the world could get to me. That's not to say I never had a bad day, but she made the bad days better. A simple text saying "I love you, bub" made any speeding ticket I had gotten, or any fight I had gotten in to, suddenly a distant memory. That's the power of love.

So, my advice to my fellow men, stop being stupid. Stop thinking with your other head. Stop thinking about her without any clothes on and start thinking about what you should be wearing when you take her to dinner. Stop thinking about how many condoms you're going to buy and start thinking about what time the florist closes so you can surprise her with flowers. Stop asking her to make her a sandwich and make her dinner, you idiot. Start thinking about love and stop thinking about sex, stupid.


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