Guy, this might not come out well, but you are not a man because you wear trousers or your “tool” works fine.

They look out for some important qualities in a real man.

1. Independent: They want to be sure you are not a stringed puppet and nobody controls you, including mummy. You have to show you can take decisions on your own. Not irrational ones though. Financial independence is a plus.

2. Hard-working: If you are a lazy "bum" that just dreams of getting rich, without doing anything about it, sorry bro, you are a turn-off. No right thinking girl will stay with a guy who does not have a job, or rather, is not planning on getting one in the nearest future.

3.Confident: She wants her man to be able stand and take his turf anywhere , anytime. "No be to go fight oh!"

4. Caring: Women love to be cared for. If you are caring, then you’re nearer to the pudding.

5. Truthful and loyal: Look my guy, girls are tired of the whole “snoop doggy dogg” swag. They want the real deal. Pull up your trousers, get a belt and grow up.

6. Respectful: If you treat a woman right, you’ll be in her top list. Try stuff like pulling out chairs for her to sit or making her feel safe around you. No swear words please, they are out of vogue.

7. Goal Oriented: Women always follow a vision. They are smarter now oh! That is why you see a girl rolling with armed robbers. She was sold a vision and she caught it. Sell yours. Don’t lie or build castles in the air please.

8. Earn an income and has a roof over his head:  Money fuels love. That is the naked truth. Then try to get a small place where she can call hers.

GoodLuck! Not the outgoing one oh! As in, I wish you well.