I have been dating a guy for seven months now but I don't know where he lives. We usually meet in a hotel (his own hotel) and each time I ask him to take me to where he lives it brings quarrels between us.

Secondly he is fond of calling me names such as goat, idiot, cricket to mention but a few, he even called me an agbero recently and when I reacted he said I lack respect and that I don't think with my brain but with my mouth. In other words I should not react if he does anything bad to me, I don't know what else to do as he claims to love me.

As for me I love him with all my heart because I actually got into the relationship just after I broke up with my ex and I used him to get over the hurt feelings.

Now I seriously don't know if I should continue with the relationship or quit. I need advice from you.________________________

Dear Reader,

What stands out from your message is how all seems to be happening wrong in your relationship, and I think we can both agree that you are not being treated right.

I know it’ll be difficult to just up-and-go out of the relationship because of the love you declared for him. Nevertheless I cannot but point it out to you that when someone loves you as this guy says he does, they do not treat you the way he treats you.

To some extent, partners could call each other some ridiculous names in place of words of endearment but this is supposed to be within a reasonable limit and calling you an agbero  surely has gone beyond the limit of what’s acceptable. Telling you that you think with your mouth can not be excused as a joke, too.

Likewise, I think his desire to have you taking the insults without any form of reaction could be a pointer to an abusive nature in him.

About whether to continue or break up, I think you know the answer to that._________________________

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