My problem is straightforward. My girlfriend of 2 years was caught cheating by a friend who told me and when I confronted her, I said I would appreciate the truth and no matter the response, I wouldn't leave her.

Of course, she actually cheated and she admitted it. I have been true to my word ever since but I have lost all form of affection for her.

I can't even talk with her or touch her anymore without feeling repulsed. This has gone on for five months now and it only gets worse.

I'm thinking of leaving her now because I am no longer happy in the relationship, but I don't want to renege on my promise.

I am confused. Please advise me.



The promise does not count for much if you no longer feel happy in the relationship.

As crazy as it sounds, breaking off that promise in order to find true happiness is totally right. The truth is this; she broke your trust first. Dating someone presupposes the idea that you will stay true to them and not cheat on them.

The promise to stick with her was most likely said in a bid to get her to say the truth, and because you loved her at the time.

Apparently things changed and the love somehow dissipated in that time by no doing of yours.

I don't think it is right to rob yourself of happiness based on someone else's fault.

However, in a bid ti be as fair as possible, I suggest you try few more weeks in the relationship.

In that time, I need you consider all means with which you can salvage that relationship. If after then you still do not find a spark with her, or rediscover your happiness, I think you are free to do as you please.


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