My ex-girlfriend is trying to get back with me, and on the surface that is good news for me because I never really got over her.

She was the one who broke up the relationship in the first instance and I begged and begged her to come back to me but she refused.

I kept letting her know that I would take her back in a heartbeat because I still love her so much.

Now that she is trying to get back, the problem is that she says she does not want a real. She says we can be friends having fun [sex] whenever we want but she won’t be my girlfriend like she was before.

I am not comfortable with this. As much as I want to have fun with her, I want it to be like it was before. I want her as my girlfriend.

Should I take this offer and convince her later to be my girl, or say no to this and lose her forever?______________

I think half bread is better than none. In my opinion, if you really never got over her, you need a chance to see if things can work out between you and if friends with benefit [this is what this this] is the way to get to her, then why not?

What this means is that you have to be extra sweet, extra loving so as to make her fall in love with you again.

I think she still has a soft spot for you somewhere; women don’t just randomly offer sex to everyone they come across.

Hopefully this lands you the girl; and if it doesn't, you can be sure you did all you could but things didn't just work as you thought they would.

That's better than ignoring this opportunity and forever wondering what could have been.______________

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