How to know an over-possessive girlfriend

If your girlfriend is exhibiting these signs, please be careful. Let her seek professional help.

Possessive Girlfriend

Psychologists say possessiveness is natural in any relationship. However, they warn that if it gets out of hand, it could lead to dangerous situations.

She monitors you: If she wants proof of your outings. like she wants your friend to talk to her, to prove you are really with him, or she wants to be with you all the time, even on a guy's night out. If she calls you consistently with the question-where are you? I think things are going out of hand.

Online Tantrums: She always is throwing tantrums on your Facebook page, wanting to know who your new Facebook friend is, why you were online at midnight. If she goes through your friends’ list always, she is trouble.

She is a dictator: She wants to pick out your clothes herself everyday. This might seem cute until she throws your favourite t-shirt away, saying it looked too worn. She forces you to buy the cologne she likes. She refuses to let you attend the concert you were looking forward to for months, and instead makes you watch a play with her. She has an opinion on every single detail of your life and wants you to do things her way. And God have mercy on your soul if you disagree with her.

She accuses you: She accuses you of spending too much time with your friends. She accuses you of cheating on her with your female colleagues. These kind of people need to be reassured of your love for them.


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