So the problem here is that I've been dating this guy for like five years and counting now.

He wants us to get married, have kids and all but then he was recently diagnosed of glaucoma and I know it's a disease that can be passed down to one's offspring and blindness could also be the case in the long run.

My family hasn't said anything about it perhaps it's because we haven't really made marriage plans yet.

I'm just so confused about all this. Please advise me, in your honest opinion what should I do?

Look forward to your response... thanks.______________________

Dear reader,

I’m sorry to hear about your boyfriend.

I feel five years is such a long time to just surrender like that. Of course, the circumstance here is special but nonetheless, there is a reason why they say people marry ‘for better for worse.’

No one hopes for the worse to happen, but that is the reality about life; these things do happen.

Think about it this way; what if the glaucoma was not discovered till after you had both married?

Would you have divorced him or looked for a way to make the best of the situation, no matter how difficult it seemed?

Or in another scenario, what if he didn’t have glaucoma but upon marriage you had a special needs kid, would you leave him then, or look for a way to manage the situation alongside him?

Of course, God forbid that any bad thing should happen in your marriage, but that’s the thing about being in love with someone for the long term; you hope to have the best life but if life’s storms come at you, you would rather have no one else but them beside you.

Now think: is this guy that kind of person for you?

Glaucoma, it appears, can be managed if discovered early, such that it does not result in permanent loss of sight.

With the knowledge of this condition, I feel you can both plan your life accordingly if you decide to marry him.

Now to the big question; do you want to be with this guy despite this?

While the final answer rests on you, I really think you should.___________

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