Dear Bukky,

I met this guy last year October but we have been friends for three years before we started dating.

He told me he was single. But later found out he has a girl. I told him since he has a girl, he has to let me go.

He said no, that he loves me so much and for real, I love him too. There was a time I saw on Facebook the girl posted a picture they took together I ask him he said yes but he never knew what she was up to.

I said let me go he said no. But he can't leave the other girl because they have come a long way.

Don't know what to do I’m really confused.

He gives me all I need.

From Oworonshoki, Lagos._______________

Hi reader,

I don’t think there’s anything to think about here. Please leave that man.

Any relationship that starts with dishonesty like this is not worth it. I mean, if he refuses to come clean about being in a relationship in the first instance, what’s there to wait for again.

And when you also consider the fact that he’s refusing  to leave the babe for you , it makes it obvious that you have just one thing to do – get out of there as fast as you can.

Please don’t let yourself be swayed into making a wrong choice because he gives you everything else than what you really need.

And what you need right now, my friend, is someone who takes you as the one and only choice._______________

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