7 Warning signs to look out for in a guy from Day 1

These signs should catch your attention when meeting a guy for the first time.

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Looks can be deceptive, but non-verbal communication has never failed once. There are natural signs that human beings give out.

These signs betray their real personality.

Here are some warning signs that should catch your attention when meeting a guy for the first time.

1. Low self-esteem: This kind of guys, always tell stories that will make you feel very sorry for them. They say things like “if you leave me I will die.” They cannot be around people. They just want you to be indoors with them.

2. Arrogance: This kind of guy might come off as someone who is confident. But the tip off is that he does not listen to anyone but his “cocky” self. You will notice it in the way he talks about others, his friends and EX. They love using the “I” word.

3. Rudeness: These set of guys are quick to insult a lady or make unsavoury remarks about people. Watch the way he talks to his mother. Does he verbally abuse you or people around him?

4. Talks too much: No matter how much bond you think you have formed with a person, it is not right to tell your whole life story on the first date. Someone that does that is immature. He will not take decisions and stand by it. In the multitude of speech, lies abound.

5. Speaks about their EX in a derogatory way: Yes! We all get hurt when someone we love betrays us, but you should get over it and move on. No hating, If the relationship does not work, he will speak about you in that manner to another person.

6. Always chatting on his phone while you are talking: You will never get full attention from this kind of person. Watch it!

7. Notice me! They are called audience seekers. They crave for attention. They can go to any length to get it. Even telling “faboo”-Unreal and Untrue stories. They want to tell everybody about what is going on in their lives.


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