For what feels like eternity, the need to avoid some relationship issues have been talked about ceaselessly, still, people find themselves doing these things.

Rosaline Olajide reveals these five common things on Inemesit Udodiong's show, "Love, Sex and Everything in Between."

1. Worry

According to Rosaline who runs Obaybay, a dating and matchmaking network, it is not cool to worry too much or overthink situations as your partner might not even have any problem with that thing that worries you, and most times, what your partner says is just the way it is, do not get your mind unnecessarily twisted with trying to find hidden meanings to words and actions where none exist.

2. Baggage from past relationships

Another mistake made by people, especially women, is the comparisons made between past lovers and present ones. Also, issues from past affairs are often allowed to affect present ones, and though this is generally accepted as a wrong thing to do, people still continue making the mistake.

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3. Impatience

Some other times, people are just too impatient in relationships.

While you might feel a need to take your relationship to the next stage, or when you're ready to commit more to the relationship but your partner is not ready, what is expected is a little patience and not nagging and hounding him/her with this desire.

4. Unnecessary game plans

People also make the mistake of having preset actions or reactions to certain situations, before getting to know their partners properly.

For instance, having a mindset that you'd never put your relationship on social media before even getting to know your partner well might be a mistake, because that person might be a fan of PDA.

Rosaline says it is better to know your partner well, and then make your game plan work around them, instead of making it at the beginning of the relationship when you are yet to know him/her properly.

5. Fantasies

One of the oldest and most repeated mistakes of dating is the creation of fantasies in one's heart before the relationship even begins.

Creating fantasies about how you expect a relationship to be will only create a void in the relationship if things turn out different than what you pictured.

This episode of "Love, Sex and Everything in Between"  was aired on Thursday, March 3, 2017 and you can watch it here.


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