This begs the question, is money the only thing women need?

But Men can still change the narrative by impressing ladies with their personalities, goals, mental acuity and ability instead of material things.Instead of telling her you can do heaven and earth, you have this and you have that, why not impress her with your personality, and see if you wouldn’t attract intelligent ladies that appreciate Men with values. Trust me there are ladies that wouldn’t listen to you if they perceived some iota of pride/show off in you.

If you make money your centre of attraction, be ready to finish what you’ve started, you must provide the money forever. Do not forget that there is no amount of money you can offer that someone else cannot offer more…

Do not misquote me, I am not saying you should not spend. In fact, you stand a very high chance of getting someone to love when you are financially okay, but don’t make money or other material possessions your centre of attraction.

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