If you are in a serious relationship or considering one, heres a list of bad money habits that could put a strain on what youve got going and hamper your chances of advancing to a better place with your partner.

1. No budgetary planning

The foremost step in staying financially controlled is creating a budget.

Now, you may be following one already, but have you remodeled it to include two people? No? Now might be the perfect time to start.

2. Avoiding money talks

Many partners often think trust and openness is related to every aspect of their lives, except their finances. This is so false.

Revealing to your partner your financial standing actually shows a level of intimacy and many people will not do it until they have gotten to a certain stage with that partner.

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However, if your goal is to be in there for the long run, you have to face this conversation at some point.

Will they be willing to have a joint account? In their opinion, what’s the ideal percentage of one’s income that should be saved? You need to ask.

And for those that are already married, the responsibility to have these financial discussions is even higher.

3. Keeping money secrets

It is never wise to hide money secrets from your spouse/partner.

The idea of a relationship is to be as open as possible to each other.

Hiding a financial secret from your partner who now stumbles on it by mistake might be said to be just as bad as keeping a secret affair, especially if the money secret is such a terrible one. [Does any celebrity and her husband come to mind?]